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Who We Serve:

Affluent Individuals & Families

Protecting the Wealth You’ve Worked Hard To Earn

Whether you’re a diligent saver, a savvy investor or have been entrusted with a large sum of money, you have unique needs associated with your financial picture. Our team has the experience and know-how to determine the best ways for you to maintain your wealth and leave a legacy of worth.

How We Help

Custom Investment Management & Risk Management 

As a wealthy individual, it’s crucial to develop a portfolio that takes into account your long-term goals as well as your tolerance for risk. Working closely with our team will ensure you have access to sound investment strategies and that your portfolio is positioned to meet your needs. 

Financial Planning

Unlike traditional planning, you’re in need of special expertise to face the financial challenges you face as a wealthy family or individual. Our experienced team consists of a number of specialized professionals to approach your range of questions and concerns. Ultimately, we strive to make informed decisions about your financial, tax-related and generational wealth needs. 

Performance & Asset Allocation Reviews

Asset allocation allows us to balance your money across stocks, bonds and cash based on variables including your age and risk tolerance. Because our goal is to help you align your objectives with the wealth you’ve acquired, we will begin by defining your intentions during a discovery process

Estate and Legacy Planning

Preserving, managing and distributing your assets in a manner that you desire is the objective of this planning strategy. From creating your will to naming an executor and beneficiaries, there are a number of details to be considered when ensuring your wealth is left as you intend in the event that you die or become incapacitated. 

Tax Planning & Management

Our goal is to help you minimize the taxes associated with your wealth and identify the obstacles that may keep you from achieving your goals. Upon reviewing your wills, trusts, etc. we will determine how to help you maintain your hard-earned wealth. 

Neither Raymond James Financial Services nor any Raymond James Financial Advisor renders advice on tax issues, these matters should be discussed with the appropriate professional.

Generational Wealth Accumulation & Management

Multi-generational planning is a passion of ours at Snow Peak Wealth Advisors. Whether you’ve accumulated family wealth or have plans to leave behind your assets to your children or grandchildren, we will help you determine the steps you need to take to remain successful in your objectives. 

Applying Meaning to Your Wealth

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